Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins….

Cute, cute, cute, cute….I dont think that I need to say much more…I found them at

Are these not THE MOST GORGEOUS items??? I think they are fabulous. It’s got me thinking

Photo a Day July 7 to 11 #photoadayjuly

More #photoadayjuly

July 7 – GARDEN – My frozen garden this week!

July 8 – LUNCH – Fish and chips on Sunday!

July 9 – BIG – Big Love!

July 10 – LETTER – K!

July 11 – TEXTURE – The car-park markings at work!


Photo a Day July 1 to 6 #photoadayjuly

I’ve discovered Instagram!

I’ve had a smartphone for a while but hadn’t really used the camera much but my new phone has an awesome camera. It’s a Samsung Galaxy 3. Just fabulous!

At the same time I came across this Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim. She is currently running Photo a day for July. A prompt for a photo each day which can be interpreted however you’d like.

I’m only a few days in but am really enjoying it!

I’ll post them here but you can also follow me on Instagram (myartycraft) or on Twitter (myartycraft).

Here’s July 1 – Self Portrait

July 2 – Busy – My desk…complete with Miss S’s Self Portrait

July 3 Best Part of the Day – When my slippers are on it means the day’s nearly done!

July 4 Fun – Sitting with Miss S on school holidays watching a DVD

July 5 Something on the Floor – Miss S’s pink lego

July 6 Chair – Saw Annie at the Regent Theatre…gorgeous old velvet covered wooden seats

Hope you’re having a great day…whatever you’re doing!

Guess what I’ve been doing????

Making these gorgeous canvas gifts for family and friends!!!

They’ve love them so much that I’m making them to sell! They are featured on Made It and I’ve sold a few already. They’re a bit heavy for posting outside of Australia but I’m working on a lighter version.

They feature a name in several options of colors (or chat to me about other combinations) and I’ve made several for businesses with their name as well. I’ve also added a star (often for boys names) and a heart for the girls but have had combinations of each.

Check them out for a closer look here on Made It and let me know if you want one!

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